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Design and production of fasteners for industrial applications


Fastpoint, thanks to its technical service, is able to assist and cooperate with companies in the project development process and industrialization of a new product by identifying the most suitable and economic fastening solutions and indicating the most suitable plastic materials, to guarantee the performance of all functional requirements of the product. This avoids subsequent and costly design changes in the launch and product manufacturing phases.


Our molding department is equipped with modern injection presses with tonnages from 6 (micro-injection) to 120 tons. All the presses are equipped with monitors with quality control program robots for automation of the production process and advanced equipment on the machine. The department also has an updated range of automatic b-adhesive applying machines for cable clips and bases of our production.

Cage nuts: why they perform better than threaded holes

What are cage nuts?
Cage nuts, also known as clip or captive nuts, are made of a square nut wrapped in a spring steel cage. The cage’s design has a pair of wings which can be compressed to allow the entire to fit into a square hole.

Where are cage nuts used?

Caged nuts provide strength and elasticity to multi-threaded steel nuts. They are used in many types of equipment racks and blind assemblies.

Advantages of cage nuts

Cage nuts have several advantages compared to plain threaded holes. They allow a diverse range of nut and bolt sizes and the nut can be replaced if the screw or bolt is over-tightened unlike a threaded hole which becomes unusable when the threads are damaged. They also reduce equipment assembly time in tapping or riveting operations. For more information on cage nuts visit http://www.fastpointweb.it/en.

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Since 1983, FASTPOINT has been producing and distributing a complete range of fasteners for industrial applications.

Our well-grounded technical-commercial experience and high degree of specialization have enabled us to achieve a leading position in the Italian market and to include many leading European industries among our customers.


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With a catalogue offering over 25.000 products, Fastpoint provides a range of fastening systems to meet any application requirement. Constantly focusing on increasing customer demands, we continuously add to our already wide range so that we can successfully meet new technological changes. In the event of the products featured in the catalogue not being able of resolving your application issues, we advise you to contact our Sales Department.


Quality, technical expertise and top service are the key parameters to compete on the market and are the core elements of FASTPOINT's business strategy. The way we have chosen to achieve this goal is the implementation of a Quality System compliant with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards with the aim of pursuing the continuous improvement of products and services. Download the certificate by clicking on the image shown on the side.


Fastpoint always invests the attention and resources at its disposal to guarantee the continuous improvement of business processes and of its own internal organization, with the goal of ensuring a quick and reliable response to the latest market needs. Constant attention is reserved to the search for new products and innovative technical solutions.


Our technical staff is at your disposal to guide your choices and identify for you the best fixing solutions available on the market. Where it is impossible to identify a valid and functional response to your needs, we offer a quick and professional service for the design of new molds tailored for you.

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